“Alexandria Artist” exhibition

Monday, March 12, 2012

            The opening ceremony of the art exhibition titled “Alexandria Artist” by Professor Safaa Abd  El Salam was organized on 29 February, 2012 at National University of Arts Education’s exhibition hall. This is one of serial activities in the cultural exchange program between the two countries Egypt and Vietnam.

Attending the opening ceremony were Egyptian Ambassador in Vietnam - Mr. Reda El Taify and his staff as well as National University of Arts Education’s leaders, lecturers and students of Fine Arts.


Associate Professor Pham Le Hoa and Ambassador Reda El Taify cutting the red string at the ceremony


 Associate Professor Doctor Pham Le Hoa, president of National University of Arts Education warmly welcomed Professor Doctor Safaa and congratulated her for this exhibition. Thanks to her visit and activities, NUAE’s staff and students learned more about Egypt and its culture.

AmbassadorReda El Taify highly appreciated NUAE for their hospitality and cooperational activities and supports. He confirmed that these activities would start the long- lasting relationship and cooperation between Egypt and Vietnam in general and between University of Alexandria and National University of Arts Education in particular. He said that he would try his best to support this relationship and cooperation.

Professor Doctor Safaa Salam displayed 57 artworks. She used pastel, water colour, acrylic, rapidograph and wood colour and sometimes she mixed all these materials together to create the collage. For mural painting (Mosaics), she used marble together with different materials for mosaics. She cut the marbles into small pieces of different sizes and shapes according to what she was going to use, to be compatible with the idea of the design. The materials which she used are varied: pebbles, flint, glass, copper, stones, shells, etc.

The exhibition closed on 12 March, 2012.


NUAE’s leaders and Prof. Dr.SafaaAbd El Salam at their first meeting

Students of Fine Arts making photos of some artworks

Professor Doctor Safaa Salam having lecture