Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The 1st Vietnam International Choir Festival and Competition was held from 16-20 March, 2011 in Hoi An, Quang Nam, Vietnam, hosted by Interkultur organization (Germany), the Ministry of Culture - Sports - Tourism, Quang Nam province and the city of Hoi An. More than 30 choral groups from eight countries including Estonia, Indonesia, Malaysia, PRC, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Vietnam joined and competed.

Parading flags of the participating countries in the International Choir Festival Contest

The festival encompassed an extremely high standard of organization and artistic prowess. Making a speech at the festival, the former Vice President Binh Thi Nguyen stated that:” This festival is an valuable opportunity for the public to be exposed to music, enjoy the essence of the music world, exchange experiences among choral groups from different countries, the opportunity for countries to understand each other better, strengthen friendly relations among nations, for world peace. "

Hong Kong Choir performing their gold medal of C1 class


Sri Lanka Choir performing their gold medal of G2 class


The choral groups performed very skillfully with a great showcase of creativity, which has enriched choral art. It is likely that after this competition, the choral groups have gained much more valuable lessons on the creative aspects of choral art. The most outstanding/excellent choir was the one coming from Indonesia called Diponegoro.

Host country Vietnam had six choral groups participating in the festival, including Unesco Hanoi's Choir, Hanoi New Choir, Quang Nam Choir, Children Choir named Sol Art, Viet-Xo Choir, and NUAE’s Choir.


Hanoi New Choir


NUAE’s choir composed of 40 members and was conducted by Artist- Lecturer Hung Vinh Le. The choir sang four works including Áng mây vàng đã ngủ đêm (P.I. Tchaikovsky), Tiếng hát giữa rừng Pác Bó  (Composed by Tue Tai Nguyen), Lý ngựa ô ( Vietnamese Southern folk song, Mixer by Hung Vinh Le), Sắp qua cầu (Cheo, Mixer by Hieu Huu Nguyen). The performance was extremely successful winning the first for A1 class( scored at 23.83). The awarding time was unforgettable and impressive, for not only the NUAE’s choir members but  the Vietnamese people, especially when the flag of Vietnam was raised and the sound of Vietnamese anthem was played in such a well-known festival and competition.


NUAE’s choir performing


The success of the 1st Vietnam International Choir Festival and Competition once again confirms the development and growth of not only NUAE’s choir but NUAE as well.


Some images of  the festival and competition


Despite rain at the opening ceremony, the performances went ahead


Rehearsing before the performance


NUAE’s choir singing in the Closing ceremony


NUAE’s choir performing in Hoi An citadel city