Facts & figures

Facts & Figures

National University of Art Education is located at Km 9 + 200 Nguyen Trai street, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi, Vietnam. Its main objective is training well-qualified teachers and managers of Music, Fine Arts, and other forms of arts as well as fashion designers at various academic degrees as MA, BA, and lower levels to meet the demand of the national education and the society.

In nearly 40 years of development, more than 5,000 students have graduated at this school (including 42 students from Laos). In the academic year 2005 - 2006, there were 2997 undergraduate students including 2518 full-time students (High school level: 502, college-level: 1738, university-level: 278 (in cooperation with Hanoi University of Fine Arts and Hanoi University of Music) and 479 part- time students (college-level: 409, University-level: 70). From the academic year 2006- 2007, it expands training programs for full-time and part-time training forms not only at the main campus but also in many other provinces such as Lao Cai, Yen Bai, Lai Chau, Cao Bang, Ha Giang, Bac Kan, Thai Binh, etc. In the acedemic year 2008-2009, NUAE had nearly 2,000 undergraduate students in four main majors: Music education, Fine art education, fashion design, cultural management.

The development of National University of Art Education has linked with strong support from the staff and students from generation to generation, and wholehearted assistance from individuals and the government.

Currently, there are 197 full-time staff including 107 lecturers and professors (accounted for 72.8%), 40 staff (27.2%) and 40 part-time teachers and workers. Over the years, the university staff and lecturers with high academic standards and training, research have obtained various degrees of BA, MA, PhD in their majors, including 01 PhD, 49 MA (among these, there are 7 teachers taking PhD courses), 14 postgraduate. 12 teachers are members of Vietnam Musician Association; 28 are members of Vietnam Association of Fine Arts. National University of Art Education has employed many part-time lecturers who have high degrees and experience including 10 professors, 04 lecturers with PhD degree.

National University of Art Education has 5 faculties: Music Education, Fine Arts Education, faculty of art - culture administration, faculty of general basic studies, faculty for part time study.

Doing scientific research is an extremely important task at National University of Art Education. All scientific researches are undertaken at the university and faculties, but priority is given to the following fields: Music, Fine Arts, fashion design, cultural administration, teaching methodology. Since 2001, there have been 13 ministerial-level projects including one major ministerial-level project, 175 university-level projects. Besides, compiling and writing lectures and textbooks play a very important part in the training programs at the university.

International Relations and Cooperation is getting more and more important to the development of the university. In the recent years, National University of Art Education has had the training relationships and a number of exchange programs with universities from China, Laos, Denmark, Sweden, the U.S.

Over 39 years of development, National University of Art Education has gained many achievements and given a lot of commendation from the Communist Party, the government, Labour Union, Communist Youth Union and other organizations. National University of Art Education is given Excellent University title in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2007.