Sakura String Orchestra performed at NUAE

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

With the slogan “Music makes us closer”, Sakura String orchestra coming from Kitakyushu, Japan had a wonderful performance and impressive exchange with NUAE’s lecturers and students.


Mr. Akira Ota- Sakura String Orchestra’s manager, Dr. Pham Le Hoa - NUAE’s rector, and Mr Phan Thanh Tien in the photo


In the performance exchange program, the orchestra under the guidance of conductor Tokuhisa played fantasticly, in which the audiences enjoyed musical pieces as Seasons (composed by Maaysaki Hayakawa); Serenade , Oatari (words: Hiromato, music by Phan Thanh Tien). They not only made the audience impressive by the foreign pieces of music but also made them joyful with the two Vietnamese famous songs including Suối mơ (Van Cao) and Thành phố hoa phượng đỏ (Music: Luong Vinh, Words: Hai Nhu)  with the support from guitarist Dang Chinh Phat.

Through the performance, NUAE’s lecturers and students have been stimulated to music and experienced the skillfulness of the players.

Mr Akira Ota did hope that they would have more chance to perform  and exchange at NUAE.


Coming from Kitakyushu, Sakura String Orchestra was established in 2007 with 26 members. They performed successfully in a number of countries all over the world.


Some images of the show:



Sakura String Orchestra performed at NUAE


Sakura String Orchestra performed at NUAE



Artist Phan Thanh Tien intoxicated with the tone of the work Oatari


Impressive combination between guitarist Dang Chinh Phat, Phan Thanh Tien and String Orchestra Sakura.