Graphic design - The choice of creative and passionate young people

Friday, March 15, 2019

    With the rapid development of the economy and the constant commercial demand of people, Graphic Design becomes necessary and is an indispensable type of work in the context of current employment. Graphic design is a dynamic discipline, playing an important role and being present in almost all areas of industrial life.

   At the National University of Art Education, Graphic Design is designed towards digital technology with a professional program, towards unity and high practical application for learners. Classrooms are equipped with standard lighting, the learning equipment is well-equipped so that students are not surprised with the most modern tools and means. Teachers are not only good at professional knowledge but also have practical experience to help students update the latest features in Graphic Design industry.

    For many years, Faculty of Graphic Design has regularly updated its training program to help teachers and students grasp new trends in Design. During the acamedic year, the faculty has also organized many seminars and invited experts in the design field to interact with teachers and students. Through these activities, lecturers and students of the faculty are provided with useful information such as new technology, new design trends, operation of the market, etc. Thereby, helping students improve studying force, improving professional and real life skills, increasing job opportunities for students after graduation.

Professional activity of the Young Design Club

    In addition to the lessons on the lecture hall, with the faculty of Graphic Design’s perspective, the reality of expertise plays an extremely important role in the process of training design artists. Field trips are continuously organized by the faculty to enable students to have a real opportunity to penetrate the subjects of Photography, Architecture, Design, etc. to help students not only have deeper awareness of life and society, but also to increase inspiration and to create sublimation in art creation.

Graphic Students at Bat Trang village

    From that base, the initial result was the Faculty of Graphic Design’s  students who achieved achievements and awards in domestic graphic design competitions, many graduate students had good jobs and positions at universities, large companies that are highly appreciated in the country and abroad, some students are studying masters in Vietnam and Europe.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dao Dang Phuong - the Rector, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Trieu The Hung - Standing Member of the National Assembly Committee for Culture, Education, Youth & Children, leaders of the faculty took photo with employers

   During the training process, the faculty always pays attention to the quality of output products to meet the needs of society’s human resources. After graduation, Graphic Design students will get maximum support for jobs. Graphic design job opportunities spread across many areas: Designing layout and illustration of books, newspapers, magazines; Product packaging design, brand building and development; Design of advertising and propaganda; Digital image design, digital audio, interactive design; present digital data; Participate in production or post-production process, character design, context in short films, promotional films, cartoons; or game;etc. End-of-course products can also be orders of businesses, giving students the opportunity to work with big partners. The rate of employed graduates is high, meeting the requirements of employers, is the best channel to advertise enrollment for the brand of National University of Art Education.

In 2019, the total enrollment of Graphic Design is 180 students.