Faculty of Arts and Culture, National University of Art Education - A place to foster dreams for cultural and artistic people

Monday, March 11, 2019

     Since its inception, through more than 10 years of construction and development, the Department of Cultural Management, which is now the Faculty of Arts and Culture, the National University of Art Education has been affirming that a prestige training unit, supplying quality cultural and artistic human resources to the country.

      The Faculty of Arts and Culture, National University of Art Education currently has 2 training majors: Cultural Management and Acting for screen and stage with 20 officers and lecturers. The faculty has 2 specialised majors: Culture and Art Management, Tourism Culture Management. In the academic year of 2018-2019, the faculty had 11 classes with a total of 334 students.

        In order to train the cultural staff in the future, the Faculty of Arts and Culture constantly innovates the content and teaching methods, consistently implementing the theories associated with practice, increasing interconnection and association in major groups; Focus on forming the necessary professional qualities and skills for students. Therefore, students will have access to a quality, modern, dynamic learning environment to graduate with enough knowledge, professional skills and love of careers. At the same time, in the learning process, it is "inspired" by a team of qualified, enthusiastic, and professional lecturers such as: Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Dang Nghi, Doctor - Actor Pham Ngoc Dung, M.A. - MC. Nguyen Thi Thanh Mai, M.A. - Actor Luong Giang, M.A. - Actor Duong Anh Duc.

MC. Nguyen Thi Thanh Mai - Deputy Head of Arts and Culture Department (on VTV magazine)

Meeting the training objectives according to social needs and requirements as well as improving professional skills closely linked to the reality, in recent years, the faculty regularly organizes practical trips for students. The regular organization of practical activities is an opportunity for students to accumulate more of specialized knowledge in order to experience on the work before they graduated. In addition, the department also organized meetings with famous artists to students of Acting for screen and stage Major, helping them to expand their knowledge of acting; Listened to artists sharing their passion for careers, life experiences as well as the path to success in the artistic career.

Students of the Faculty of Arts and Culture were on the exam of art performance Practice

Meritorious Artist Xuan Bac met and shared with students of Acting for screen and stage Major

      After graduation, students have access to a variety of job opportunities that can take the following positions: working in state cultural and art authorities (such as: Department of Culture, Cultural Office, Cultural Officer at ward, commune, district level, Cultural Center, Management Board of relics, landscapes, festivals, etc.) and agencies that use cultural human resources; in cultural institutions (such as Museum, Library, Gallery, Cinema); in cultural service organizations (such as: Play area, Entertainment center, Event organization); in media agencies; in research centers, universities and colleges (for Cultural Management); can take on the work of actors at film studios, media and advertising companies, television stations, theaters and art troupes of the central and local levels; Participate in voice acting for film and television works; undertook the work of organizing projects in the field of cinema - television, media, organizing filmmaking, producing television programs, acting as assistant directors, recruiting actors for films (for the theater - film industry).

     The total enrollment quotas for 2019 for the Cultural Management are 120 students, the Acting for screen and stage is 40 students.