National University of Art Education - 48 years of Establishment and Development

Friday, February 22, 2019

      Formerly known as the National Intermediate School of Physical - Music - Painting Education was established in 1970 with the task of training teachers with expertise in Gymnastics, Music and Painting, to meet the teaching and studying requirements during the integration period, on May 26th 2006, the Prime Minister signed Decision No. 117/2006/QD-TTg on the establishment of the National University of Art Education (NUAE) on the basis of upgrading the National College of Music and Painting.

       The National University of Art Education currently has more than 400 officials and lecturers, of which are 9 professors, associate professors, 19 doctors, 269 masters (currently there are 34 officers and lecturers studying PhD), and 4 meritorious teacher, 1 meritorious artist. The university is training 10 majors and 4 specialised majors at university level, 3 specialist majors at master level, 01 specialist majors at doctoral level with the total number of students, graduate students, PhD students who are studying or researching in the University nearly 4000 people.

        Over the past years, the University has pioneered and well implemented training activities in the field of arts in the university level and post-graduate level. In particular, the Decision No. 317/QD-BGDĐT dated January 30, 2015 of the Ministry of Education and Training assigns the National University of Art Education to teach specialized training in Theory and Method of Music Teaching at doctoral level. It has made an important mark not only for the University's training career but also for the country's art education.

        Pioneering in the arts school of the whole country, the National University of Art Education has successfully carried out the transition from training according to the institutional program to the credit-based training system. The university has many years of preparation with a specific and detailed roadmap, setting goals for each stage. The university has tested the training method under credit system in a number of subjects, organized many trainings, learning from other instutitions’ experience. Up to current time, the National University of Art Education has completed the transition from the institutional program to the credit system.

Mrs. Nguyen Phuong Nga - Director of Education Quality Assurance Center - Association of Vietnamese Universities and Colleges and Mr. Mai Van Trinh - Director General Quality Management Department, Ministry of Education and Training awarded Certificates of educational quality accreditation for the National University of Art Education

       Implementing Resolution 29-NQ/TW on comprehensive fundamental reform of education and training, with the determination to innovate, the university has created a change in the teachers' awareness and actions on innovation of training programs; Renovating objectives from the model of teachers to teach specific subjects to models of educating professionals with wide and deep educational background. It proactively welcomes the orientation of educational innovation, using information channels from employers, alumni, students at the end of the course to re-evaluate the current training program, as a solid basis for the develop innovative teacher-oriented training program. On July 3, 2018, the National University of Art Education was recognized to meet the quality standards of education and was granted a certificate of educational quality accreditation. This is an important milestone marking the new development path of the National University of Art Education, improving the position and prestige of the University, creating trust with society and learners about quality, prestige and influence.

        In the development trend of modern education, international cooperation of universities takes place as an indispensable objective and increasingly asserts its important role in the development process of the above universities in the world in general and in Vietnam in particular. As part of the general development strategy over the past years, the National University of Art Education has been actively promoting international cooperation activities in many fields, especially in the field of training and scientific research. With these efforts, the university's international cooperation achieved significant results. So far the university has signed cooperation with many universities and colleges around the world such as Italy, Russian Federation, China, Lao People's Democratic Republic,etc. From there, it is valuable opportunities for teachers, students quickly get acquainted and catch up with the current international integration trend.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dao Dang Phuong and Prof. Dr. Remorenko Igor signed a cooperation document witnessed by Minister Phung Xuan Nha and Vice Minister Marina Alexandrovna - Russian Federal Ministry of Science and Training University 

       In addition to focusing on improving the quality of training with highly qualified lecturers and qualified training programs, promoting investment in facilities is one of the factors contributing to the success of universities. With the desire to create a dynamic and modern learning environment, bringing creative inspiration in students, the National University of Art Education has regularly upgraded the facilities system to meet the requirements of a higher education institutions. In parallel with the two research and training tasks, the university has upgraded the system of practice rooms hence, the Concert Hall is equipped with really modern machines and equipment for each sector or research field.

      In 2019, the NUAE with a target of more than 1,000 students for 10 undergraduate majors and regular universities, including: Music Education, Preschool Music Education (180 indicators); Art Pedagogy and Early Childhood Art Education (180 indicators); Cultural Management (120 indicators); Fashion Design (120 indicators); Sewing technology (100 indicators); Graphic Design (180 indicators); Vocal (60 indicators); Play and film actor (40 indicators); Piano (30 indicators); Painting (20 indicators) not to mention the number of inter-university training (120 indicators). Currently, the National University of Art Education is using two forms of admission: admission of cultural subjects with gifted competitions for all majors and of cultural subjects (literature, history and geography for Cultural Management major).

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dao Dang Phuong - Secretary of the Party Committee, Rector of the University awarded graduation certificates to students of Music Education and Vocal majors 

      Over nearly 50 years of establishment and development, the National University of Art Education has strongly promoted internal strength, solidarity, dynamism and creativity, maximizing the exploitation of resources, so far it has been stable in all aspects, meeting new requirements on the quality of human resource training, scientific research and technology transfer, effectively serving the country's socio-economic development strategy and international integration.