Shobi Music College and NUAE's Special and Impressive Musical Exchange

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The music exchange performance between Shobi music college, Tokyo and NUAE was held successfully at NUAE's main hall in the evening of January 21, 2010. The program not only broadens all the attendants' knowledge on Japanese culture and music but also brings new opportunities for cooperation in art education of the two educational institutions.


Attending at the exchange program were Shobi music college's representatives including Ms. Ono Ikuyo- Director of International Exchange Centre, Mr. Watanabe Shogo- Head of General Department, Mr. Yamamoto Mashatoshi - Dean of Music Faculty, and a number of Vietnamese artists as well as NUAE's lecturers, staffs and students.


Making speech at the music exchange program, Associate Professor Dr. Pham Le Hoa, NUAE rector affirmed that NUAE focuses on cooperation with universities around the world. International Relations and Cooperation is getting more and more important to the development of the university in general and quality of teaching- learning process in particular. Therefore, the musical exchange performance had its meaningful value and played important role in further cooperation between Vietnam and Japan's schools of arts.


Associate Professor Dr. Pham Le Hoa, NUAE rector giving flowers to Shobi representatives



            On behalf of Shobi music college, Mr. Watanabe Shogo showed his happiness and gratefulness to NUAE's cooperation. He highly appreciated the exchange program, considering it as a great opportunity to connect, enhance the mutual understanding between the two music training institutions as well as strengthen the cultural exchange between Vietnam and Japan. Shobi school always respects this and is eager to develop/promote this friendships.


The representative of Shobi music college introducing the training programs


Shobi music college is located near Tokyo centre. It is a music training institution with over 80 years of history. Shobi has trained numerous generations of music students with professional knowledge and artistic ability, which meets the demand of the society. Many a graduate student have become famous not only in Japan but in the world as well.


Shobi has various training majors as Organ, dancing, string instruments, composing, music, commercial music, sound, vision, piano, international music, and so on. With highly applicable programs, students are trained fully and comprehensively both in theory and practice. The school is well- equipped with modern technology. Therefore, they have modern studios, film production centre, specially- equipped stages for performances and ball rooms.