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Conference on ESP

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

On the 3rd September, 2009, a conference on “Material development for English for Fashion design and culture- management’ was organized by NUAE’s English group- Faculty of Basic studies. Attending at the conference were ESP experts from high- ranked universities in Vietnam, NUAE leader board, heads of faculties and departments, NUAE English lecturers and interested guests.

The conference was held in order to improve General English as well as ESP teaching- learning process at NUAE. It was a good opportunity for NUAE English lecturers to exchange teaching experience with English experts. This was a forum for ESP experts to express their experience, difficulties in teaching ESP in general and lesson compiling in particular.
Currently, ESP is getting more and more necessary. ESP designers have to conduct needs analysis of a specific groups of learners such as English for Finance, English for tourism, etc. Both teachers and learners have benefits of teaching-learning ESP. Making speech at the conference, Dr.Sc. Pham Le Hoa, NUAE rector said: “ NUAE aims at training well- qualified students, therefore, English plays very important role in their studies’. Being established in 2008, faculties of culture- arts has two majors: fashion design and culture management. NUAE English lecturers designed ESP syllabus for English for fashion design and culture management. However, they had numerous difficulties in not only developing materials but also teaching ESP. NUAE is the first educational institution in Vietnam to design and develop materials for English for these study fields.
Dr. Duong Thi Nu, an ESP expert of National University, Hanoi said: “ We are strangers in a strange land’, but having knowledge, abilities and determination, we will succeed”. The conference ended successfully.