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“Autumn symphony” art exhibition

Monday, September 7, 2009
In the exciting atmosphere celebrating the 64th anniversary of Vietnam national day and welcoming the academic year 2009-2010, “Autumn symphony” art exhibition was organized by NUAE faculty of Fine arts education and Communist Youth Union on the 1st September, 2009 at NUAE exhibition hall. Attending at the opening ceremony were MA. Tran Dinh Tuan, NUAE deputy rector, MA. Nguyen Quang Hai, Dean of Fine arts education faculty, heads of NUAE departments, faculties and interested teachers and students.
MA. Tran Dinh Tuan and Mr. Vu Van Nguyen- Head of general & personnel
department at the ceremony
The exhibition, titled “Autumn symphony”, displayed 60 paintings with various materials such as oil painting, silk painting, water color, wood carving by K1 students of fine arts. All the works were selected carefully prior to the exhibition, which makes the value of the exhibition. All the works were derived from students’ real-life experience, their study lessons and their creative thinking. Each painting showed  the talent and creativity of its author. They reflected the feelings and the positive attitudes towards people and the beauty of Vietnam and the life. Especially, the painting “Tan tam’ is for viewers to see the rhythm of urban life today.
This year’s exhibition is considered as having much better quality than the art exhibition- 2008, Some works such as “Vuon co”(Palm Garden) by Nguyen Van Thanh, “ Cho phien” (Rural Market) by Khong Do Duy, ect. showed their talents. The first prize belonged to “Tan tam’” by Nguyen Van Hung. Ms. Kirsten Forgl, a Danish fine arts expert attending the exhibition, expressed her admiration to the painters. It is a chance for students not only to study, exchange knowledge, express their feelings and attitudes but to make friends as well. The exhibition was considered as one of the most meaningful and academically practical activities for students to show their love for the life and Vietnam. She also believed that NUAE students would make more progress in the future. 
Ms. Kirsten Forgl enjoying seeing students’ paintings
MA. Tran Dinh Tuan, NUAE deputy rector, who has been teaching Fine Arts for years, said: "The success of K1 class through this collective exhibition is good for the students themselves to asserts their talents. It is a good academic playground for them to explore their directions of creativity. Teachers always want more and more strongly creative thinking of students. Hopefully, we can enjoy more wonderful exhibitions in the coming time”
”Autumn symphony” exhibition will be presented in September as a gift welcoming the academic year 2009-2010.
Some images of the exhibition:
                                                Painting: Bom
                                                Material: Oil painting
                                                Author: Nguyen Van Phong
                                                Painting: Mong cu
                                                Material: Paint
                                                Author: Ta Van The
                                                Painting: Ben tham
                                                Material: Pastel painting
                                                Author: Le Duc Tung