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Tuong ( Classical Opera) - The spirit of the nation

Sunday, August 30, 2009
           In order to  preserve and develop the value of traditional culture; to implement the project:" The national target program on education and training in 2009",  on the morning of April 5th, The  National  University of Art Education( NUAE)  coordinated with Vietnam Classical Opera Theater to organize a performance introducing Tuong- Vietnamese traditional Art. All attended NUAE’s leaders, teachers and students showed their interests in the performance and exchange.
            On behalf of NUAE Communist Party and the school board, Dr.Sc. Pham Le Hoa showed his deep gratitude to Vietnam Classical Opera Theater and he also expressed NUAE’s determination in making this kind of art closer to their students. This would help the students be  more confident in their art activities.
            The eager atmosphere of the audience in the large meeting hall was warmed up right from the opening performance with colorful flags performed by Tuong artists with their skilled dancing. In the hall, there were a number of audiences  who had known and  understood Tuong well  and those who  were quite strange to this type of traditional art but they all shared the same feelings of being attracted and impressed by the actors and actresses . The viewers enjoyed the typical extracts of Tuong performances which have been famous domestically and internationally such as: Ong gia cong vo di xem hoi, Ho Nguyet co hoa cao, Chau Sang qua song, Ngheu so oc hen,etc.
                        Extract: "Ong gia cong vo di xem hoi"
            The artists acted with all the creative passions for arts and embodied well in the characters. While "Ong gia cong vo di xem hoi" made the audience laugh a lot, the extract " Ho Nguyet co hoa cao" made them  speechless with tears by artist Minh Gai's performance.           
                                                   Best artist- Minh Gai in "Ho Nguyet co hoa cao"
            All the audience  really admired  artist Xuan Tung's talent in the extract " Chau Sang qua song", with his talented actions such as:cau,ky, lan, xien, etc  which were skilled and beautiful. 
Young Artist Xuan Tung in the extract " Chau Sang qua song".
            The audience warmly  welcome the best artist Han Van Tinh , who has devoted many years to Tuong art. He not only is successful in Tuong stage but also  makes a strong impression on  his  television audiences, especially his acting as the character Chu Van Quyenh, who has a strong personality,  in the film "Land and people". Han Van Tinh confided that  Tuong art was so attractive to him that it had become his love. In the exchange with the audience, the  artists wished  students in the National University of Art Education would love Tuong art more and more. It was also the way to preserve and keep Vietnamese ancestors' ancient traditions existing all the times and in  the hearts of people who have a great passion for traditional art.
The best artist, Han Van Tinh exchanged with audiences.
            Especially, the  audience could also listen to the people- titled artist Ngoc Phuong explained some implications  hidden in each extract so that they would  understand more about Tuong art and its original features. The warm accent of the old artist, who loves his job very much, made the atmosphere of the exchange more attractive because the audience seemed to absorb many loftily humane values  which our ancestors wanted to express through these meaningful and profound extracts. Ngoc Phuong has contributed a great deal to Vietnamese Tuong art because he has” found the spirit" for hundreds of extracts and restaged nearly 200 famous plays. Moreover, he is also the first to bring Tuong art to the Eastern and European countries and the person  who has" made up the fire" for theaters to perform. This old artist has shared all his working passion to the next generation ; among those have become famous such as:  the people artist Dam Lien, the best artist Minh Gai, Han Van Tinh, etc. Ngoc Phuong is a good model for many generations of actors and  audiences loving Tuong drama; the pride of Theater and Movie  University ,where he is working . Also,  through his words of enthusiasm, the audience felt  intense vitality in Tuong art which has  already existed  as the spirit of the nation.
The people artist -Ngoc Phuong introducing Tuong .
Dr.Sc. Pham Le Hoa- NUAE rector taking a photo  
with artists of Vietnam Classical Opera Theater
A scene  in the extract "Ngheu so oc hen"
            The performance ended with the extract" Ngheu so oc hen". Audiences waved goodbye to Ms Hen not only because she was graceful  but also she was  the representative of  the Tuong artists "holding fire" until the last minute for the program" Introducing Tuong " at NUAE. The audience proudly acknowledged: " Tuong - The spirit of the nation" and hoped that  Tuong would  be engraved in the minds of all Vietnamese people.