Vocal music training - An advantage of National University of Art Education

Friday, March 22, 2019

    The society is developing, the international music movement is very diverse, which has attracted all sectors of society. Great activities or regular events cannot be without vocal music activities. This is a golden opportunity for those who are passionate about the vocal music and career development opportunities.

    Every generation or in each of us, everyone used to love and admire singers with golden voices. For singers, to be admired by the public is an endless encouragement for them to continue to bring the lyrics and singing to the audience. To become famous and go to the public is not simple because the singer has to go through the process of learning, training and challenging a lot in school, on many stages. Today, being a professional singer is required to be trained through music, which is indispensable in vocal studies.

    From old times, lyrics, singing which is considered an indispensable spiritual food in human life. Right from the birth, we have heard the sound of our mother with folk songs. Today, when the 4.0 revolution is approaching with the development of technology, the music movement around the world has come closer to the public than ever. Coming to the field of music activities is considered a stepping stone into the entertainment industry that the opportunity to be famous is possible. That is evidenced by many well-known singers and living with their favorite jobs. At the National University of Art Education, there are many lecturers, artists, and singers such as: excellent artist Mai Tuyet - Head of Faculty of Vocal Music, Artist Huong Giang - Associate Dean of Faculty of Vocal Music, singer Doan Thuy Trang - Lecturer in vocal music, singer Tien Loi - Lecturer in vocal music, Quynh Phuong - lecturer of Music Education, singer Tan Phuong , etc. These are the motivational examples for young people to be confident and motivated to enter the Faculty of vocal music.

Singer Doan Thuy Trang - Lecturer of the Faculty of Vocal Music

Singer Quoc Tuan - Lecturer of the Faculty performaced with student at Vietnam Television

   It is hard being a singer and living with it, but it will be easier if young people choose the right environment to study. With the specialized vocal training program at the University level, the Faculty of Vocal Music of the National University of Art Education has been affirmed the brand by the number of candidates in the specialized vocal sector which has gradually increased according to each year of admission. Students were confident to stand on the big stage to perform and be able to follow a career after graduation.

A performance by the Faculty’s student

   In addition to specialized vocal knowledge taught by qualified and prestigious lecturers, the students of the University also inherited a very good training in music with nearly 50 years of accumulated experience for basic subjects such as history of music, work analysis, vocal techniques, choir, art practice, performance, etc. Furthermore, students of the Faculty of Vocal Music have participated annually the contest of students’ vocals organized by the National University of Art Education. Thereby, the university’s vocal students have the opportunity to show off their performing skills from the time they have studied, while helping them to have confidence in standing on the big stages.

Hà Trang and Tran Van Quy - K4 students, Faculty of Vocal Music joining the student enrollment consultation 2019 at Hanoi University of Science and Technology

Hong Ngoc - the faculty’s student attented the contest of Young talented students in Nha Trang city

   Admissions to University in 2019, Faculty of Vocal Music of National University of Art Education has the target of 60 new students. In order to attend the entrance exam to the Faculty of Vocal Music, candidates must graduate from grade 12, review writing points through 3-year high school transcripts or graduation papers. In addition, the contestant will take the basic music knowledge test (music theory, vocal or vocal arts) and vocal music. The exam takes place (3 days) from 10/7/2019 to 12/7/2019. For more information, you can call, email, ask questions with the admissions advisory department at or call: 0947.392.229.