National University of Art Education recruits 400 candidates from the Bachelor of Music and Fine Arts Education

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

   The National University of Art Education is a multidisciplinary university with 11 Faculties specialized in 20 majors/specialized majors and more than 400 officers and lecturers, of which 100% of qualified teachers - with a master's degree and above, many highly qualified lecturers - Doctor, Professor, Associate Professor in education, art and culture. At present, the university has 5 lecture halls (A-B-C-D-E) with hundreds of theoretical and practical classrooms equipped with enough equipment for learning, physical education area with stadium of nearly 5000m2, on-campus accommodation of 700 capacities with Wi-Fi and amenities to meet the needs of students on boarding. In the future, the university continues to expand nearly 11,000m2 of land.

Training department staff and teachers of the National University of Art Education directly advise candidates in the Career Orientation Consultation Day, 2019 enrollment in Bac Ninh

   The National University of Art Education is still the country's first and only Art Education University to train art teachers. The university has a long experience of 49 years of training art and music teachers. Over the past time, the university has trained tens of thousands of music and fine arts graduates who have graduated and become music and fine arts teachers teached in primary and secondary schools across the country. Many of them have become lecturers at institutes, universities, colleges, and key cadres of agencies and units from the Central to local levels throughout the country.

    University entrance exam in 2019, National University of Art Education was Assoc.Prof.Dr. Dao Dang Phuong - Rector of the University answered at the Online Admission Counseling Program: 2019 is the 7th year The university continues to implement the scheme of autonomy for admission with the form of admission of cultural and talented subjects with a total target of 1,070 students - including 400 bachelors (music education, fine arts education, specialized in preschool music and fine arts education).

   For candidates who study bachelor of music education or preschool music educaion, talented subjects will take the basic knowledge of music (music theory, vocalization). For candidates who study bachelor of Fine Arts Education or preschool fine arts education will take a graphic picture (drawing a sculpture portrait) and a color painting.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dao Dang Phuong - the Rector (second from left) answered

Interview to Online Admission Counseling Program in 2019

   According to the 2019 University Admission Council, this year there will be many candidates applying to Music and Art Education, because social needs are very needed when the Ministry of Education and Training implements the program New high school education - Arts (including Music and Fine Arts) will be implemented at all levels with a duration of 70 lessons/year. Corresponding to that, in addition to the number of teachers who are deficient in primary and secondary schools, there are about 2,700 high schools are 100% lacking of music and art teachers nationwide. According to preliminary calculations, each school needs 01 Music teacher, 1 Art teacher, the number of teachers in these two courses is about 5,400. Therefore, teachers of music and fine arts are insufficient, especially teachers of high school.

   In the context of globalization and international integration, the development and improvement of human resources in the arts and culture sector is extremely urgent and necessary. In particular, with the renewal of general education curriculum and textbooks, in response to the need for teachers of Music and Fine Arts subjects of schools across the country, the National University of Art Education is holding a great responsibility in meeting the needs of the art teachers mentioned above.

   Grasping the demand and also implementing the task of being the leading training institution on Music and Fine Arts teachers, right from the 2017-2018 academic year, the National University of Art Education has focused and prioritize investment in facilities, adjust and build training programs in accordance with the innovation so that the year of 2019 can welcome the best to new students of music and fine arts education.