Welcoming the delegation of hokaido artistic academy college (Japan)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008
On the morning of 14th July 2008, the delegation of Hokaido Artistic Academy College (Japan) led by Mr. Sakai Naoki – director of the College on a working visit to National University of Art Education.
            Doctor of Science, Pham Le Hoa - rector of National University of Art Education together with the University Managing Board and the deputy head of University Training Department welcomed the delegation.
Mr. Sakai Naoki – Director of Hokaido Artistic Academy College
            At the working session, Mr. Sakai Naoki (director) briefly introduced the Academy as well as training faculties. The Academy is one of foundations specializing in such artistic faculties as Vocal music, Concert, Performance, Applied graphics - Comics, Fashion – Make-up, Dance and other sectors. Representatives of the Academy also stated the purpose of the visit, mentioned the wish of cooperation, so as to build a relationship between lecturers and students of Art training universities in Vietnam in the future.
            On behalf of the university, Doctor of Science, Pham Le Hoa expressed his admire to the achievements in economy, culture and education in Japan, and affirmed that Vietnam and Japan have many same cultural features, thus, it will be more convenient for the deployment of cooperation activities between the two parties. The rector of the University provided some general features of the activities as well as development orientation of the university to the delegation and proposed cooperation between the two parties in the joint training and research of culture and art sectors.
Mr.Sakai Naoki - Director of the Academy and Doctor of Science, Pham Le Hoa - Rector of the University exchange the Memorandum of Understanding
            In response, Mr. Sakai Naoki also affirmed his wish to cooperate with the University in many fields. Representatives of the two sides exchanged souvenirs and signed in the Memorandum of Understanding of the contents exchanged. The meeting was the first step in the plan for study and cooperation between Hokaido Artistic Academy College and National University of Art Education in the future.
                                                                                          Bằng Linh