Students art exhibition - 2007

Friday, April 20, 2007
On 26 March 2007, the school’s Communist Youth Union in cooperation with Fine Arts Faculty organized the Open Ceremony of Students Art Exhibition - 2007, one of many activities for students to welcome the 76th anniversary of the establishment of the Communist Youth Union.


 Students Art Exhibition is held in March annually and attracts the attention of all the teachers, staff, students and especially students of Fine Arts at Central Teachers’ University of Arts. It is a chance for students not only to study, exchange knowledge, express their feelings and attitudes but to make friends as well.

This year, the exhibition, titled “Vietnam - Country & People”, displayed 76 works with various materials such as oil painting, silk painting, water color, sculpture of 53 “artist - students”. They reflected the feelings and the positive attitudes towards people and the beauty of Vietnam. Although there was no first pride, there were 3 second - pride works: “Cho som” (“Morning market”- Oil painting - Nguyen Van Hung, K1), “Mot chieu nho Tu Xuong” (“Missing Tu Xuong” - water color - Nguyen Ngoc Ha, K36), and “Ky hoa But sat” (“Sketch in iron pen” - Ly Van Sang, K1). There were 3 third - pride works, 6 encouragement prides.


 Students Art Exhibition - 2007 was considered as one of the most meaningful and academically practical activities for students to show their love for the life and Vietnam.