Ceremony on appointing the rector of Central art teaching University

Monday, April 2, 2007
On November 30, 2006, the Central Art Teaching University held a ceremony of promulgating decision on appointing the rector of the university. The ceremony took place just at the moment when the university enters a new history phase of starting a new school year 2006- 2007- the first academic year of the Central Art Teaching University.
Taking part in the ceremony, on the Ministry of Education and Training`s side, are Mr. Banh Tien Long, the Deputy Minister of Education and Training, the leaders of the concerned departments of the ministry; on the Ministry of Culture and Information`s side, the specialists of concerned departments, the participants from Hanoi city, Ha Tay province, Ha Dong town, the participants from universities, institutes, Education and Training Services and associated training units, Mr. Trieu Khac Le-Party Committee Secretary - former rector of the Central Music-Painting Teaching College, and Mr. Vu Van Hau - Deputy-Rector of the university, friends, families and all cadres, teachers, and students of the university.
At the ceremony opening, the Deputy-Department Head of the Personnel Organization Department-the Ministry of Education and Training promulgated the decision on founding the Central Art Teaching University, tenure 2006-2011 by the Ministry of Education and Training; professor, DSc Banh Tien Long, Deputy-Minister of Education and Training, on behalf of the Ministry, officially offered the decion to the new Rector and congratulated DSc, musician Pham Le Hoa. Mr Banh Tien Long offered flowers and thanked Mr. Trieu Khac le, former rector of the institution for their positive contribution to the institution.
Mr. Vu Van Hau, Deputy-Party Committee Secretary-Vice-Rector, on behalf of the institution, congratulated Mr. Pham Le Hoa - the new rector of the university.
At the warm atmosphere of the ceremony, Mr. Pham Le Hoa recalled: he graduated from the music department. Now he returns to do his new task which is his honour and the university `s pride and his hard responsibility for the institution`s more improvement. Mr. Pham Le Hoa expressed his thanks to the civil affairs Committee: Ministry of Education and Training, Ministry of Culture and Information, Hanoi city Committee of the Party and Party Committee of the University who have trusted and appointed him as a new rector; he, also on behalf of the institution, offered a fresh and nice bunch of flowers to Mr. Trieu Khac Le to express the sincerity to him and recognized his great contribution to the stability and development of the institution in the past years.
The rector, on behalf of the institution, made promised to the leaders of the Ministry of Education and Training to continuously develop the role of democracy in cadres, teachers, and students to strengthen the solidarity and combine forces to overcome all difficulties to complete sucessfully the assigned tasks to make the university a strong institution. The rector also expressed his thanks to all the participants..