International cooperation


Tuesday, October 17, 2023

VIETMUS will aim at promoting digital transformation and at creating a new digital capacity in teaching and performing in Vietnamese Higher Music Education (HME) landscape.

​It will do so by:

  • ​encouraging an easy and constant access to IT-based new practices
  • creating a more sustainable and inclusive teaching system
  • coping with the needs and challenges emerged by the Covid outbreak
  • fostering employability capacity in HME institutions' graduates

​VIETMUS will contribute to strengthen key competencies, in particular innovative transdisciplinary skills able to connect music, performance, business, internationalisation, social impact and technology. HME institutions will rethink their skills and teaching models in line with The Future of ICT for Creativity and Creative Industries model (European Commission, 2021) in the acknowledgment that digital tools have become almost the only means for artists to connect, perform, learn and, more and more, sustain themselves.

The low digital competencies attitude of Vietnam’s students, teachers and HME institutions (Vietnam embraces digital transformation, online teaching in education sector, 2021) will be fostered, updating the didactic offer, and designing and testing a specific course module (Measuring the levels of 21stcentury digital skills among professionals working within the creative industries, Laar 2020, 2030 Digital Compass strategy).

Lastly, the project will aim at strengthening sustainable future entrepreneurship opportunities throughout digital capacities, giving music graduates new employment possibilities in the Creative Industries chain (Industry structure: transforming value chains and changing business models, OECD 2005).​


SO1. Create a sustainable and inclusive digital capacity in Vietnam music HEIs targeting training and performing. Build a staff capacity and re-train students within a digital framework is highly stressed and demanded by EU governance, international agencies, stakeholders and the entire Music Creative Industry.

​VIETMUS digital transformation will act at:

  • governance and organisational level allowing greater inclusiveness
  • curricula level by designing and testing a new module on IT
  • performance level, that will be mediated by digital practices​

SO2. Create a resilience attitude to cope with the challenges created by the outbreak of Covid19. VIETMUS will contribute to strengthening key competencies, in particular, the innovative transdisciplinary skills in music and technology shifting from physical to digital.

VIETMUS will connect music, distance performances, business, internationalisation and technology.

SO3. Develop specific skills to tackle future employment perspectives in music Vietnamese graduates and build international aggregated answer through a digital transformation, that, by definition, is borderless and asks to work globally. The project will engage with the Creative world, designing models of IT based performances, skills, and best practices that HME partners, music companies, creative industries’ managers, future music graduates will need to be most competitive.

​VIETMUS will foster in HME the valorisation of Copyright via digital treatment of music assets. Partner Institution will gain the capacity to value data and gain the skills to interpret them allow for unlocking extensive benefits: from understanding the current state of technology, enriching own inventive activities, to understanding future trends in Creative Industries, emerging trends and who might be potential collaborators and competitors. VIETMUS will give graduates and organisations the possibility to market their self and enhance the digital performance shift to meet the new requests of the creative industry.

SO4. Create new networks, developing sustainable partnerships in ICT between Europe and Vietnam and strengthen a national network of excellence. Partners will benefit from complementary experiences and knowledge with the common goal of creating / promoting didactic offer.

Representatives of the National University of Arts and Education (second from left) and representatives of Vietnamese universities participating in the VIETMUS project