Graduation report ceremony of students of the 2nd course specialized in Preschool Fine Arts Education, National University of Art of Education

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

     From May 20 to May 22, 2019, the Faculty of Preschool Fine Arts Education, the National University of Art Education organized a graduation report ceremony for students majoring in Preschool Fine Arts Education course 2 (2015-2019).

The Examination Council

     Participate in evaluating graduation projects with M.A. Nguyen Thi May - Deputy Dean in charge of Fine Arts Education Faculty and members of the examination Council, instructors and students.

Dr. Nguyen Van Dinh - Interim Head of Training Department dilivered the opening speech

   Graduated products of pre-school Fine Arts Education students are very diverse in form, rich in materials, including models, table games, books and toys for children. Many of their topics are very creative in expressing ideas, new and unique ways of expressing excitement for preschool children when participating in activities. Along with that is an impressive presentation, cleverly presented, science showing creativity, high aesthetic.

    According to the review of the Examination Council of the Faculty of Fine Arts Education, the graduation report ceremony brought together many products which were carefully and methodically invested with high applicability. Most of their products were oriented to the innovative perspective in early childhood education, the products for early childhood education were very detailed such as simulating people, animals, objects and natural phenomena with the available natural materials combined together to create practical products that are easy to use, display, decorate or organize activities at preschools.

     The ceremony initially achieved great success; affirming the efforts in the professional work of students and lecturers as well as the quality of specialized training in preschool Fine Arts Education of the National University of Art Education in recent years.

      Some products in the graduation report ceremony: