Graduate Performance Program of K3 - Vocal Music of National University of Art Education

Friday, May 31, 2019

    In the two days of May 29 and 30, 2019, the National University of Art Education organized the Graduation Show K3 of the Vocal Music (course 2015-2019).

      Participate in the evaluation of the Program there were Elite artist Tran Mai Tuyet - Head of the Faculty of Vocal Music, Head of the Subcommittee and the members of the Examination Council, instructors and students.

Examination Council

     Under the enthusiastic guidance of the lecturers, 29 students of the Voice Music entered the final exam, ending a four-year university path. In this exam, students performed two parts: foreign classical works and Vietnamese and folk songs.

    The Examination Council highly appreciated the student performance sections. In general, they have mastered the basic techniques in performance of the Music, have had a confident attitude on stage, good expressions, etc. Besides, the Examination Council also has had suggestions to show students the limitations of their test to learn more and have a better direction after graduation, gaining more success on the art path later.

           Some photographs in the program: