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Training Piano at university level - New occupation, new opportunity

Saturday, April 13, 2019

   The Faculty of Piano is one of the potential faculties of the National University of Art Education (NUAE). The faculty has been increasingly affirmed its position in specialized training and the ability to organize performances in and outside the school of art education.

    With specific characteristics of performing majors, the faculty of Piano implements the task of training and fostering Piano module for thousands of Vocal Music and Music Education students at the level of university, college and post-graduate in Theory and Method of Music Teaching. In addition, the faculty also undertakes the task of accompaniment for Vocal Music, Music Education with Choral, Commander and is core members of the university's performing arts activities. .

    The faculty of Piano has officially recruited the regular university system of Piano performance, opening a new development direction on the path of training professional Music art for the National University of Art Education in particular and for the country in general. In a professional training environment that is both academic and practical, students in Piano are always given opportunities and conditions to maximize their ability to operate in the field of art.

Dr. Outhay Bannavong - First Secretary of the Embassy of Lao PDR in Vietnam (left) visited NUAE’s piano classroom

    In the course of studying at the National University of Art Education, after 2 years of general knowledge and basic demonstration skills, in the following years, Piano students were consulted, oriented and trained the majors which are suitable for their abilities and strengths (in the direction of specialized teaching in performing, classical performances or pop music performances).

    After graduating from the piano, learners can undertake professional work in art units and participate in other music activities such as independent performances, concerts in symphony orchestras, Choir, that can do research and teaching work at training institutions and research institutes in the field of music and art.

Student Pham Dai Loi performed at the Asia-Pacific Arts Festival - Youth frienship for peace 2017

     In recent years, the faculty, lecturers and students of the Faculty have achieved significant achievements in the field of performance. Especially high prizes at international competitions such as: Gold Award Asia-Pacific Art Festival 2017 by students Pham Dai Loi, Nguyen Thi Nga and 2018 by students Luong Ngoc Bich, Tran Ngan Ha, First prize of the 2018 Golden Classical Music Award international of student Nguyen Thi Minh Phuong.

Piano students perform with the band at NUAE

     These results are a meaningful first step, bringing to the Piano students the valuable experience to be able to improve themselves and go further on the future artistic path; contributing to the proud achievements of the faculty and students of the National University of Art Education - one of the leading prestigious art training institutions in the country.

In 2019, the National University of Art Education will recruit 30 university targets for studying in the faculty of Piano. In addition to literature, students will be considered for candidates who need to take the exam: Basic music knowledge (Music theory, Speech or sound) Practice exam on piano.