The 6th vocal open contest of students of the National University of Art Education 2019 - Preliminary round

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

    The 6th Vocal Open Contest of the Student of the National University of Art Education, 2019 was launched in the first round of competitions from 24 to 26 January 2019 at the concert hall of the University. Participating in the round are 187 contestants in 3 genres of music: Opera, Folk and Pop Music.

    The contest had received the support of numerous students of the university as well as of academies, universities and colleges in Hanoi city. Each contestant had a different style of performance but at the same time it is a passion for singing and has a sense of choosing songs to express their musical ability in the most outstanding way. That had contributed to creating an exciting and colorful competition that attracted the attention of the organizers and a large audience in the auditorium.

MA. Meritorious artist Tran Mai Tuyet - Head of Faculty of Vocal Music spoke at the opening

of the Contest

      As a useful playground for young people to express their singing and training skills in the stage, the contest had organized to foster and improve the quality of training and vocal performances for students of the National University of Art Education. At the same time, the competition also aimed to strengthen the exchange and cohesive relationship between the students and other university’s  students by art activities.

Candidates took part in the genre of pop music

   With their confidence and talent, in each genre of music, the contestants showed their own musical personality. In the performances of genre of opera, there were the appearance of well-trained, strong vocals. There were many good and smooth voices in the genre of folk music. Different from the maturity and dexterity of the contestants in the genres of opera and folk music, the section of Pop Music brought a fresh emotion along with a youthful and vibrant style that attracts many interests of the audience in the auditorium.

Some pictures of the first round:

+ Genre of opera:

+ Genre of folk music:

+ Genre of pop music: