Boosting cooperation in education and training between Vietnam and Russian Federation

Sunday, September 9, 2018

          On the occasion of the official visit by General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong and the Vietnamese delegation to the Russian Federation, on September 7, Minister Phung Xuan Nha met and worked with the Minister of Education Russian Federation Olga Vasilieva and Deputy Minister of Science and Training Marina Alexandrovna University to discuss to strengthen cooperation in education and training between the two countries. 

        At the meetings, Minister Phung Xuan Nha emphasized that the cooperation in education and training between Vietnam and the Russian Federation has had a long history and gained great achievements. The Vietnamese people are always grateful to the former Soviet Union and today Russia has devoted all their concern, energy and intellect to supporting Vietnam, especially in the development of high quality human resources.

        Since 1950, thousands of Vietnamese students have been learning and studying in the Russian Federation. These students have made important contributions to the country's construction and development, many of whom have become senior leaders in Vietnam.

      Minister Phung Xuan Nha has made several proposals to further strengthen the educational and training cooperation between the two countries. The Minister of Education and the Deputy Minister of Science and Training of the Russian Federation expressed their pleasure to welcome Minister Phung Xuan Nha and affirmed their  willingness to cooperate more closely with Vietnam in the field of education and training.

       Specifically, the two sides agreed to increase student exchanges between the two countries; strengthening cooperation in training research based on strength of Russia and of Vietnam; promoting the teaching of Russian in Vietnam and Vietnamese in the Russian Federation; building a Vietnam young talent center in the fields of natural sciences; to coordinate effectively the scholarship program between the two parties.

       Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam and Ministry of Education, Ministry of Science and Training of Russia University also agreed to discuss the development of cooperation program in phase of 2019-2021. At the same time, to consider to organise  the alternative annual meeting of the Rectors Conference of Vietnam and Russia Federation to promote cooperation activities on education between the two countries; Considering the possibility of setting up branches of Russian universities in Vietnam and universities of Vietnam in the Russian Federation.

       On this occasion, 23 new cooperation documents were signed between the universities of the two countries in the presence of the leaders of the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam and the leaders of the Ministry of Science and University of Russian Federation in order to cooperate in training, scientific research, exchange of lecturers and students. In particular, there is a combination of training programs at the level from university to doctor; establish legal research cooperation centers; carry out research program on sea bed exploration equipment; cooperate in researching technological solutions on submarines and other fields that the Russian Federation has strengths and Vietnam needs.

      On the same day, Minister Phung Xuan Nha visited the Moscow State University of Construction, Moscow Energy University and met with university rectors in the Russian Federation to discuss the prospects for cooperation with Vietnamese training institutions. At the meeting, the Minister awarded the Medal for “The cause of education” of the Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training to professors and researchers of the National Research University (MEI) whom have many contributions to the training of Vietnamese students.

From 1950 to 1991, the Soviet Union received and trained nearly 50,000 Vietnamese citizens, most of whom were university graduates, about 3,000 Ph.D.s and hundreds of doctoral students.

In 2005, after the two countries signed a cooperation agreement on education and training, the Russian Federation intensified the admission of Vietnamese citizens to study. The number of scholarships granted by the Russian Federation to Vietnam has continuously increased and is now nearly 1000 per year.

The total number of Vietnamese students studying in the Russian Federation is about 6,000 people, of whom the Government Agreement is about 3500 people. Annually, Vietnam also admits about 20 to 30 Russian students to study under the Agreement.