Dao Minh Quang Foundation (Federal Republic of Germany) visited and worked at National University of Art Education

Saturday, August 25, 2018

           In the moring of August, 24th 2018, by the connection of Mr. Dang Quoc Tuan - First Secretary of Vietnam Embassy in Federal Republic of Germany, a team of Dao Minh Quang Foundation visited and worked at the University.

           There were a represent of Doctor Dao Minh Quang - Founder of Dao Minh Quang Foundation (Federal Republic of Germany). By the side of the University, there were  Assoc. Prof. Doctor Dao Dang Phuong - Rector of the University and representatives of the University’s departments.

Discussion of the co-operation articles

            At the discussion, Assoc. Prof. Doctor Dao Dang Phuong affirmed that developing the co-operation to national and worldwide partners is one of the developing strategy of the University. Therefore, Rector Phuong appreciated the concern of the Funds to the University’s training, study activities and the general development of Vietnam culture and art.

             Doctor Dao Minh Quang appreciated the warrm welcome of the University’s Board of Leaders. He also shared stories of his efforts since he graduated to establish the funds. He wished that the Dao Minh Quang Foundation would play a role in improving the quality of pedagogical teaching for art teachers of Vietnam high schools.

Board of leaders with Mr. Dao Minh Quang

      Information about the Dao Minh Quang Foundation - Federal Republic of Germany:

  - Dao Minh Quang Foundation was established under the Federal Republic of Germany Regulations. On 21st December 2016, Dao Minh Quang was officially legitimated by Department of Justice and Consumer Protection of the State of Berlin, Federal Republic of Germany, was independent legal capacity and recognised by the State Bank of Berlin as a public utility fund because of charitable activities.

  - Dao Minh Quang Foundation pursues public interest objectives, promotes development cooperation between Vietnam and Germany, especially in the fields of general education, vocational training and university training, sustainable agricultural development, music and culture.