“Consulting& consolidating for Higher education entrance exams- 2009” Closing ceremony

Sunday, August 30, 2009
            The closing ceremony of the serial program ‘Consulting& consolidating for Higher education entrance exams- 2009’ was broadcasted by satellite via VTV2 channel on June 20th, 2009 at the main hall of Ho Chi Minh Museum in Hanoi city. After 4 months of broadcasting, the program was extremely successful. The efforts of program makers during the 20 live shows broadcasting on television  has had remarkable effects.
            The broadcasted serial program ‘Consulting& consolidating for Higher education entrance exams- 2009’ created opportunities for candidates taking universities, colleges and vocational training entrance exams all over the country be consulted and consolidated.  The program also updated their parents on their children's examinations and made the candidates confident for the coming exams.
            Attending the ceremony were Dr. Van Dinh Van, a representative of the Ministry of Education & Training, Dr. Sam Van Cao, Deputy Director of General Department of Vocational Training - Ministry of Labor, Invalids & Social Affairs, Dr. Sc. Pham Le Hoa, NUAE rector, the consulter- teachers, a large number of NUAE students and students from Lomonoxop -the private high school
NUAE students’ performance at the ceremony
            The performance by NUAE students started the closing ceremony lively. The song" La me xanh" -composed by musician Tran Hoang Tien-based on  cheerful music made hot summer days of examination not as tense as the start. The  delighted atmosphere of the ceremony was full of teachers and students’ happiness. Having made speech at the ceremony, Dr. Van Dinh Ung expressed his impressions and feelings: ‘The broadcasted serial program ‘Consulting& consolidating for Higher education entrance exams- 2009’ is highly professional, which is clearly seen via the work of skillful technical staff and editors of VTV2 who have been very enthusiastic and made a lot of effort for the program. The cooperation between the program makers and lecturers all over the country have been really effective. The program helps students understand their abilities  and the real needs of the society in order to choose their most suitable study fields.’
            The organizers highly appreciated the quality of the program which is considered as better than it used to be, because of the numerous audiences, including candidates’ parents. This shows the fact that the program has built  up a fine reputation and received the interest, share, praise and united response of  the whole society.
            The program was highly successful partly because of the active contribution of NUAE’s teachers, staff and students. All the wonderful performances of NUAE’ singers and dancers have helped reducing the tensions and stress of the coming entrance exams.
            20 shows of the program ended in joy. All NUAE’s performances and contribution put deep impression in all VTV audiences. Dr. Sc. Pham Le Hoa- NUAE rector received a medal for NUAE’s effort and contribution for the program.
Some images of the closing ceremony: